Friday, November 18, 2005

Deodorant Crystals!

I've been meaning to write a quick review on deodorant crystals for a long time now. If you're used to using those chemical-laden "glue" sticks, or "toxic" sprays to help control underarm odor, here's my recommendation to you...,

Get rid of them! Yes, you can stop using those things and replace them with something natural, safe and, importantly..., EFFECTIVE!

Say goodbye to that sticky goopy mess under your arms - say so-long to that caked-on waxy stuff and discoloration that ends up on your clothes. And stop taking chances, hoping that those aluminums and other chemicals are safe for you.

Here's the story:

About two years ago, I was getting fed up with the discoloration I was noticing on my white undershirts - and the hard waxy substance that seemed to be impregnated into my favorite black t-shirts. It was ruining my clothes. Like many men, I used either that clear chemical roll-on or stick. One day my wife came home from a local co-op market with a couple bottles of this roll-on from a company called TCCD in Florida.

While I figured it wouldn't work, I did give it a try. And gues what? It really works!

What's in it? Well, the label says "purified water, natural mineral salts, xanthan gum (a stabilizer - also used in cooking), phytophingosine (a antimicrobial and skin restorative) and chamomile extract". That's it. I Googled the two odd-sounding ingredients and added my findings in parentheses above.

Anyway, the roll-on just glides right on. It's not sticky and it dries quickly. It leaves you feeling clean and clean smelling all day long - and seems to have a cumulative effect too - if, for some reason you miss a day, you're likely still covered.

I had been using the roll-on for a while now - and recently also tried the crystal stick, which looks a lot like the typical stick - but it's actually a mineral salt crystal. You just moisten the top of the stick slightly and glide it under your arms. Again, no stickiness, no perfumes, nothing but clean-smelling protection. And it lasts for up to a year - and only costs about $6! So this one also gets my highest rating.

Here's their site:

All Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals have the same benefits:
100% Pure & Natural
Fragrance Free
Lasts Up to One Year
24 Hour Protection
No Harmful Aluminums
Cruelty Free- No Animal Testing or Byproducts

All of their products are listed as free of harmful chemicals and propellants, making them environmentally friendly and ozone safe!

This is a real testimonial from a real customer..., ME! So, toss out those other chemical sticks and start using these excellent mineral crystal products. You'll be glad you did!

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