Friday, November 04, 2005

Japanese Symbols Characters - Japanese Kanji Tattoos - Karma-Net Cultural Series

It's no secret I've got a real fondness for Japanese symbols - Traditional Kanji, that is. We have traditional Japanese calligraphy all around the house and office. Items we get whenever in Japan, a piece or two from our stock we sell online - or things that my wife's parents send to us from Japan. Fortunately, my wife is Japanese, so the task of figuring out what these things say is a bit easier.

But, as I discovered, not even native speakers can decipher some of the real traditional calligraphy commonly seen in Buddhist temples, or in the beautifully fluid writing of the old texts. In any case, Karma-Net does have an excellent Japanese translation service, so visit the site if you need a custom translation of your name, a favorite saying, your business, etc.

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